O Projektu:

Metropolis was born in 1998, in the very center of Sarajevo, as a new place of meeting of „Sarajevo people“ and others, always welcome, from surroundings and all over the world.

Metropolis has always used to be different, special, concerning the offer, as well as interior decoration and service. At the very beginning, we offered a rich selection of salads, and was first and only one in that. Gradually, the „Sweet world“ of Metropolis has been building, as well as „salty world“ as a mixture of recipes of cuisine from all over the world, and adopted , in the same way, to the specific taste of our guest.

In 2013, we brought our Metropolis in the heart of Old city of Sarajevo, where the guests are welcome in the small but „warm“ space. From March of 2014 our Metropolis came into the new Shopping center SCC, in order to achieve its top , through the years of experience in business and to be at the service of all previous and future guests, in the modern space, inside and outside, at the most beautiful location in Shopping center with an even better offer. We expect from our guests to trust us , as they always did, and visit us.


Korišteni materijali:

StoColor Opticryl – savršena lateks boja u raznim nijansama

StoColor Metallic – Visokokvalitetna vodootporna boja u metalik nijansama

StoTap Infinity – Polivinilne tapete

Stolit Milano – Žbuka veoma sitne granulacije